Starting a blog!!

uff frustration kicking in!!

Realized starting a blog sounded like fun to write about all my adventures.

First step found out I know nothing about web design. Asked my son for help of course I got a crazy look like “what are you about to do now mom” but I did not care. So I decided to google and You tube my way to knowledge. I figured I can teach myself from watching You Tube I have a friend who once fixed her car from watching You tube so anything is possible right I had hope!! As a mom we make anything happen when are kids need something.

Challenge accepted…

How to set up a website for blogging. Im still working on it. Tried Wix supposely it was easy to navigate. But found that WordPress is my go to. I selected a theme and whala!! So pick a site to design your site that works for you.

The website will need a name. I changed the website name many times till I found one to be true to who I am.

Setting up a blog has been so much fun for me I hope you have the same experience. It is alot to learn especially with no background in web design.

You tube and online resources are such a great help. There is always a way dont settle.

Choosing the right fotos and content is definitely not easy. Choosing and determining the target audience. What is that?? I just thought I would write and my audience would be everyone.

Self doubt starts kicking in and I remind myself that I am capable…

Work in progress. It has taken me over 1 yr and many years of talking about writing a blog. I finally did it and I have no idea what I am going to write about. I have so many ideas.

It is never to late to learn to do something new.

No matter what you do or dont do there are going to be haters..

I love and continue to be grateful for the many opportunities and people who have been on my journey and know it has not been easy.

MUah Muah

I have read countless books. To be discussed later

So I will be starting this blog discussing